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ArtHaus Links

San Francisco Chronicle
Home & Garden Love Lamps - Sculptures that glow
by Laura Thomas. Click to read.

Southwest Art
Vantage Points
by Wolf Schneider

ArtHaus co-owner Annette Schutz Shows off Mobile by Greg Drasler

American Style
Stiking It Rich in San Francisco
by Margaret Lucke

"Deeper into SOMA, ArtHaus provided an intimate setting for museum-quality work by contemporary artists"
ArtHaus and gallery and guest artists continue to capture the attention of local, national and international media concerns.

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ArtHaus and Lansche Design join creative forces for "Mixing Media" - The Media Room at the 2005 Marin Designer Showcase, September 27 - October 15th.

"ArtHaus and Lansche Design collaborated on one of the house's few lightless, viewless spaces for a dramatic, cabernet-walled media room that goes beyond the flat screen to nod to literature and art as well as film."
...Not just another pretty showcase, by Susan Fornoff, SF Chronicle

Arts & Entertainment Network...ArtHaus is an extraordinary gallery.

san francisco MODA, Art Scene, "redefining space" by Ronnie Louis Chriss – ...Art revolves around the process of human innovation; the will and desire to compose, maintain and communicate a defined space within a larger space. At ArtHaus, Bacchi and Schutz have done just that. By displaying fine art in an unconventional manner; causing people to question the validity of museums and conventional galleries as the only places to show art, they have in a sense become artists.

Art Business News, Living with Art by Jessica Lyons – ...Fine design demands fine art. And ArtHaus Gallery Directors James Bacchi and Annette Schutz are the first to point this out.

San Francisco Magazine, CULTURE hot list, The Window Art...Forget the svelte mannequins and shimmering evening gowns. Saks Fifth Avenue’s window display features highlights of ArtHaus' The Great Exhibition, impressive works from a number of the gallery's contemporary artists.

Brian Blood
The Artis's Magazine
...Brian Blood’s spontaneous style and bold use of color fills his work with vitality and a sense of immediacy. Behind his accomplished skill as a painter is his integrity and respect for the scenes he paints.

Serena Bocchino
New York Times, "Jazz on Canvas" by Barry Schwabsky
– ...The feeling that within these paintings everything is in transition, that none of their elements have become too strictly defined, may be exactly what keeps them fresh. Part of the pungency of her paintings is the way they insinuate half-forgotten sights and sounds into a vividly immediate contest. David Messer, the director of the Bergen Museum, marvels that even the largest of Ms. Bocchino’s paintings “still maintains the same spontaneity as if it were a drawing on a small piece of paper.”

Marc Lambrechts
ARTnews, New York Reviews by A.R.G.

Belgian artist Marc Lambrechts’ first solo exhibition in the United States introduced compelling and energizing possibilities for abstract painting. Combining the traditions of both gestural and geometric abstraction, Lambrechts carves into his dark, layered oil and plaster boards geometric grids resembling modern city architecture.