Hellstrom’s precision brushwork gives physical expression to an inner state of being. Investigating the dichotomy between thought and emotion she captures the energy of how experience dwells in the constancy of change despite our desire for permanence. That curious space in her work is ripe with complexity, painted in flowing color deeply felt and ever changing. Inspired by travel to remote regions of India, Europe and China then back to the metropolitan streets of the US, she finds balance and stability within chaos. Her seamless method of applying ink with unlikely brushes to a slick surface records the ephemeral moment or the spark of experience.

Select Exhibitions
Accelerate, Large Scale super graphic project BD Bio Tech, San Jose Campus (solo)
Grounded Heart, (solo) commission through ArtHaus, SF
Quick Response: Interactive Works by Patter Hellstrom (solo) / ArtHaus,SF
FLOW, (Solo project), Vedder Price Los Angeles Headquarters, CA
Honoring Women’s Rights: Visual VoicesTogether (group) / National Steinbeck Center Museum, Salinas, CA
Square Headquarters (solo) SF
Currents (solo) Lim Gallery SF
Expressive Flow (solo) The McLoughlin Gallery SF
Meditative Flow (solo) SF Zen Center
Flower Mandala (solo) Unilever Campus CT
Grief Path Installation (solo) and documentary film / California Institute of Integral Studies SF
Chance Wind (solo) Linearis Institute SF
Navigating Expression (solo) Masterworks Gallery SF
Abundance (solo) Masterworks Gallery SF
Flower Mandala project (solo) JP Morgan Chase Project Space Jersey City
Monuments (solo) Federal Hall NYC
Shared Motifs: Patter Hellstrom in an Art Historical Context (solo)
Masterworks Gallery SF
Narrative Abstraction (group), Artsforum Gallery NYC

NEA Artist Grant
SECA Award Nomination
The National Steinbeck Museum, Salinas CA
Detroit Museum of New Art
Nantong Museum, China
Gallery 8 Moscow
Kharkov Art Museum Ukraine
State Literature Museum of Odessa Ukraine
State Museum of Simferopol, Crimea Ukraine
Russian Museum of Folk + Decorative Arts Moscow
Government Museum of Decorative + Applied Art Riga, Latvia

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