Her portfolio numbers more than 1400 photographs. Astrid recomposes reality in a very personal, surrealistic style, somewhere beyond Magritte and Man Ray. Her poetic universe in black and white, where social commitment and even utopia have found a place, is built by means of successive layering enhanced by solarization. To date, ten books have been published featuring series of works by Astrid.

Select Exhibitions
Museo Gracco, Pompei, Italy
Muzeum Archidieceji Warszawskiej, Warsaw, Poland
Galerie Zur Krahe, Basel, Switzerland
Museum of Modern Art, Bruxelles, Belgium
ArtHaus, San Francisco, CA
Philippe Staib Gallery, New York, New York
The Photographers Gallery, London, England

Vatican Collection, Rome, Italy
Banque Bruxelles Lambert, Collection, Belgium
Bibliotheque Nationale – Estampes
Collection, Paris, France
Museo della Fotografia, Parma, Italy
Museum for the National Monument, Ellis Island, New York
Silver Medal Award – Ambrogino D’Oro, Milano, Italy
Zoom, portfolio – portfolio feature
La Fotografia – portfolio feature