In addition to representing and exhibiting works by ArtHaus Gallery Artists, Bacchi and Schutz provide their clients, beginning, established and corporate collectors, with a wealth of artwork options in all media. Whether you or your firm are acquiring artwork for a few select areas or for the entire space, our knowledge of the art market, our extensive pool of outside resources and relationships with artists and private dealers make national and international sources of artwork available to you.

Since 1996, we have worked with a wide array of private and corporate collectors, along with their architects and designers, to help define and create art programs that adhere to budget guidelines and appropriately address your personal collecting objectives or corporate culture.

A successful art program involves successful project management. We guide our clients through the acquisition of artwork, determine the placement of the art and oversee professional framing, delivery and installation services. ArtHaus also offers catalogue design and publication services to showcase your collection in book or electronic form.

Art Consulting Clients include

Jackson Square Investments
Coupar Consulting
Saks Fifth Avenue
Meritas Wealth Management
Westin Hotels & Resorts
Hutchinson & Company
Oak Investment Partners
Merriman Curhan Ford
Hancock Properties
Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, Inc.
Silicon Legal Strategy

Gallerist James Bacchi and Annette Schutz are guest curators, art consultants and program presenters of The Fine Art of Design for Coupar Consulting, San Francisco.
Featuring works by: Greg Drasler, Jhina Alvarado and Carolyn Meyer
Photography: Christopher Stark


For commercial, residential and corporate spaces ArtHaus curates POP-UP exhibitions designed to include the presence of fine art in your environment while enhancing your branding and your identity. The POP-UP program is designed to rotate and inspire acquisitions.  These exhibitions can include Opening Receptions for your guests that may incorporate guided tours by the gallerists, a special evening with exhibiting artists or an onsite catered dinner created by a guest chef amidst the exhibition. POP-UP possibilities are endless.

POP-UP Clients include

Rapt Studio
Coupar Consulting
Saks Fifth Avenue
Bergdorf Goodman
Wilkes Bashford
Seven Post Investment
The Infinity
The Brannan
CODE Salon
Marin Designer Showcase
Poliform San Francisco
555 California Street
Kendall Wilkinson Home
IDF Studio

ArtHaus POPS UP at Panhandle Home, San Francisco.
Featured work: Paul Morin, I Don’t Wanna, 36”x36”, oil and silver leaf on canvas