Sometime in the mid 1990s, My partner and I decided to commission  a pair of stained glass windows for our then home, for reasons of privacy…we lived practically on top of our next door neighbors in the Silverlake area in Los Angeles. I hunted up a small stained glass studio in the immediate area, and went there to discuss hiring someone to execute the project for me. The owner of the studio, not wanting to either take this commission, suggested I enroll in one of the classes they offered. I did, and fell into a rabbit hole of light and color. NOT so slowly, the glass work took over my creative life.Twenty years later, and I’m not looking back…and I’m STILL buying the lion share of my supplies at that same little glass studio in Eagle Rock California.

Select Exhibitions
FIT Museum, New York City
Arnot Museum, New York
Philadelphia Museum, Philadelphia, PA
Musee des Arts dela Mode, Paris, France
Kansai Yamamoto Super Museum, Tokyo, Japan
Victoria and Albert Museum, London, England
ArtHaus, San Francisco, CA
Lucas LA, Beverly Hills, CA
Wessel O’Connor, New York City

Victoria and Albert Museum, (collection)
Fashion & Surrealism, Rizzoli
Good Morning America, interview
Interview Magazine, feature
New York Times, Review
Los Angeles Times, Review
Art&Antiques, Gallery Watch – ArtHaus

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