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Project Gallery – From Another Corner


New Paintings by GIOI TRAN

Throughout this series of primarily large works, Tran departs from the tranquility of his former Reflective Series, and the preciseness of his earlier Woven Series. Much like the artist himself, this new collection of paintings are fearless. Splashes of color emerge from heavy, angular applications of black and white impasto. The viewer is beckoned to follow the direction of these paintings while plotting their own course.

From Another Corner marks the artist’s third Solo Exhibition at ArtHaus. Gioi Tran’s works are featured in several private and corporate collections, and have been featured in many publications.

Out + About – ArtHaus at Panhandle Home



Main Gallery – Summer Of Love


A Commemorative Group Exhibition
Works in Various Media by Gallery Artists

ArtHaus Gallerists James Bacchi and Annette Schutz are pleased to present SUMMER OF LOVE, a 50th Anniversary Group Exhibition, featuring works in various media by ArtHaus Gallery and Guest Artists.

The Spring and Summer of 1967 brought nearly 100,000 outsiders, activists, and dreamers to San Francisco. This international audience flocked to the city by the Bay to join a community of artists, musicians, poets, and radicals who would change the world–influencing popular culture through art and music; launching the natural and organic foods movement; protesting war with peace and love; and ushering in an era of greater connectivity.

Out + About – California Dreaming


Inspired Landscape Paintings by 6 Bay Area Artists
John Wood, Carolyn Meyer, Brian Blood, Gioi Tran,
Matthew Frederick, Donna McGinnis

This Group Exhibition spotlights successions of dream like images, ideas, emotions, and sensations based on Contemporary California Landscape by six Bay Area Artists. They are; John Wood, Carolyn Meyer, Brian Blood, Matthew Frederick, Gioi Tran and Donna McGinnis.

Select works by John Wood are from The Lake – a transitional series of new paintings. This work was inspired by three weeks of solitude at The Lake, The Morris Graves Foundation Compound, just south of Eureka, in late Summer, 2015. Here, a 380-acre tract of virgin forest surrounding a five-acre lake became the artist’s muse.

Carolyn Meyer diverts from her energized cityscapes and takes to the coastlines of San Francisco and Stinson Beach. Contrasting the coolness of the water are the rich, almost intense colors and tactile textures – palette knife trademarks of this fearless painter.

Primarily a plein-air painter, Brian Blood focuses on Northern California landscape, and creates hundreds of studies observing the ever changing light of day. He transforms these studies into large scale, contemporary impressions capturing the all of the magic spanning from sunrise to twilight.

Matthew Frederick presents an unconventional and amusing spin on the genre of landscape painting. Inspired by his life amid Northern California’s scenic countryside, Frederick looks within the landscape to capture and exaggerate the whimsical shadows and shapes cast from surging hills, majestic oak trees and gaping valleys. Fredericks style is characterized by the careful balance of structure, color, lighting and mood. His compositions are rendered with a resplendent color palette of generous applications of paint and undulating brushwork, lending to a compelling emulation of the patterns and sensations inherent in nature.

Gioi Tran’s work is based on landscape inspirations. His earliest landscape paintings incorporated some element of water reflecting the landscapes. Over time, Tran discovered that reflection aspects were a lot more interesting so he began focusing and abstracting on the reflections of what he saw. “As I developed my skills, I found the palette knife provided a different kind of movement that works for me as an artist. It allows me to move more fluid and it offers more flexibility from thin rough edges or flat and smooth textures.”

Donna McGinnis refers to her abstract landscapes as “States of Nature.” Her paintings are about exploration and refinement. She explores materials, artistic elements and a state of mind including memories and dreams. Her paintings are started without a preconceived idea and they develop on their own by suggesting their direction as she works. “I enjoy a sense of ambiguity and surprise, says McGinnis. It is the process of painting that I enjoy, a journey, and a timeless interlude.”

Main Gallery – Heavy Rotation


An Evolving Exhibition of Works by Gallery Artists

Project Gallery – Serena Bochino The Artist


Select Works and Book Launch

Serena Bocchino is an artist who began exhibiting her work in 1986 in the East Village, when she was chosen by Susan Rothenberg for an Artist Chose Artists Exhibition at the Jus de Pomme Gallery in New York City. The success of that exhibition lead to many other exhibitions across the country.

Bocchino was awarded a studio residency at PS1 (now PS1 MOMA) in 1987. During that international studio program, The Vice Prime Minister of Italy invited Bocchino to have her first international exhibition in Rome, Italy. The catalogue was written by international art writer and critic Laura Cherubini and   Manuela Gandini. During the next few years, Bocchino was awarded a Pollock Krasner Foundation Grant, An artists Space Award, the Basil Alkazzi Award and Art Matters award. Subsequent exhibitions in New York were well received with reviews in the New York Times, Village Voice and The New Yorker Magazine. From 1988-2009 Five films have been created about Bocchino and her painting process and have been aired on PBS and at the Museum of Modern Art as well as on TIMES SQUARE FILM FESTIVAL, SPONSORED by CBS Open Air Shorts on CBS Spectacular in New York City and the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

Paintings and Drawing by Serena Bocchino explore Composition and Color. Each painting incorporates drawing into the painting using a unique and strategic use of Line that generates an ethereal space that directs the eye in and out of each composition. She has been called a colorist for her unique palette and fine use of tonal values and investigation of hue. Each canvas is an investigation of Chromatic Space. Over the past 25 years, Bocchino explores color and composition in two ways; utilizing a reduced color schema or a heavily modulated one. It is the highly sophisticated range of movement with spatial areas of color and lyrical mark making that captivates the viewer.

Bocchino studied with the famous colorist, Voy Fangor. The figurative artists John Kacere, Adele Weber and Robert Kaupelis of New York University were influential as mentors. She received her Masters Degree from New York University and studied abroad at Wroxton College in Oxfordshire England where she had a special concentration in British Architecture, the pre-Raphealites and John Singer Sargent’s work.

The New Jersey state Council on the Arts has awarded Serena Bocchino in both Painting and Drawing. Her work is in the collections of the Trenton State Museum, the Smithsonian Institute, The St. Louis Art Museum, The Springfield Museum of Art, The Zimmerli Art Museum, The Montclair Art Museum, the Jersey City Museum, the Art in Embassies Program in Washington D.C, as well as many corporate collections, such as McKinsey & Co., KPG Peat Marwick, IBJ Schroder Bank, Duff & Phelps. Her paintings are also represented in many other Private and Public Collections.

The first monograph entitled Serena Bocchino the Artist, with over 140 full color illustrations was edited by Lily Zhang with an introduction by Kathleen Goncharov and written by Lisa A. Banner and Jonathan Goodman was released in 2015. Signed copies of this book will be available at the opening and throughout the run of the exhibition – June 30, 2017.ArtHaus is located in SOMA at 411 Brannan Street, San Francisco. Gallery hours are: Tuesday-Friday, 11-6, and Saturday, Noon-5. (415) 977-0223

The first monograph entitled Serena Bocchino the Artist, with over 140 full color illustrations was edited by Lily Zhang with an introduction by Kathleen Goncharov and written by Lisa A. Banner and Jonathan Goodman was released in 2015. Signed copies of this book will be available at the opening and throughout the run of the exhibition – June 30, 2017.ArtHaus is located in SOMA at 411 Brannan Street, San Francisco. Gallery hours are: Tuesday-Friday, 11-6, and Saturday, Noon-5. (415) 977-0223

Front Page Photography: Jason Schuler

ON THE MOVE * – nick orig

On the Move

New Painting by Jhina Alvarado

January 12 – March 30, 2017

ArtNews – June 2014

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ART NEWS – January 2013

Belgian artist Marc Lambrechts’ first solo exhibition in the United States introduced compelling and energizing possibilities for abstract painting. Combining the traditions of both gestural and geometric abstraction, Lambrechts carves into his dark, layered oil and plaster boards geometric grids resembling modern city architecture.